Introduction to CSR And sustainability

Introduction to CSR and Sustainability

This course is to learn the basics of CSR and 


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Course Curriculum

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Introduction to CSR and Sustainability
  • Definition of CSR Globally
  • History of CSR and evolution across the globe
  • Indian CSR Law - in-depth Analysis
  • Sustainability - Definitions
  • Difference between CSR and Sustainability
Social Causes
  • What are social causes and types
  • Priorities in India to be addressed
  • UNGC, ILO,WWW and other conventions addressing social issues
  • Case studies
CSR Lifecycle
  • Need Assessment
  • Social Monitoring
  • Social Audit
  • Social return on investments (SROI)
  • Project proposal writing and designing
  • What is sustainability?
  • Sustainability in Business practices
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Key terms and bodies promoting Sustainability
Need for CSR and Sustainability
  • Challenges faced by the corporates, governments, civil societies and other eco-systems
  • CSR and Sustainability as a solution
  • Importance of CSR and Sustainability concepts to business houses. NGOs, etc

Start your journey towards CSR and Sustainability.

Learn the basic theory of CSR and Sustainability and applicability in an organization. The start to the end of the CSR Lifecycle to build a Sustainable complaint future.

Introduction to CSR and Sustainability
Social Causes
CSR Lifecycle
Need for CSR and Sustainability
Trends and Case studies.

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