Defining Responsible Finance and ESG materiality, Understanding the material impact of each- environment, social and governance, Strategies for mainstreaming, ESG across asset classes....

Duration : 6 Weeks
INR 3000

Course Curriculum

Series 1 Nuts
  • Defining Responsible Finance and ESG materiality
  • Understanding the material impact of each- environment, social and governance
  • Strategies for mainstreaming
  • ESG across asset classes
  • Trends of the growing industry
  • Local context and relatable case studies
Series 2 Acing: (Build from the Above)
  • Structuring an ESG engagement program
  • Identifying and discussing ESG data sources
  • Tracking, measuring and benchmarking ESG data
  • Role of emerging technologies- incl. Big Data
  • Examining financial models with ESG lens
  • Company/ Sector analysis and case studies
Series 3 Focused Thematic:
  • Impact Investing
  • Blended Capital
  • Green Finance
  • Sustainable Infrastructure

About Author

Heading Course designed & created by: Andrew Matthew Jackson, Serial entrepreneur & Michelin Star Chef.

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Andrew Matthew Jackson, a US native, was educated at Culinary School New York, and has worked as an apprentice with the great chefs — Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver

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