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CSR and Sustainability Practitioner Certificate

9 courses - 90 hours - 90,000/-

Course Fee - Rs. 1,80,000/- Rs. 90,000/-

Upto 25% Achala Scholarship  on fees available for working professionals.

Course Curriculum

Reporting and Measurement Tools
Social Entrepreneurship
Value Creation by ESG Reporting
Transforming Sustainably: Leadership to Management
Strategic CSR and Sustainability Communications
Fundraising for Foundations
Application of CSR and Sustainability in Management verticals
Any course of your choice!

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Flexi learning is for people from the executives to the CXO's empowering them to strengthen their knowledge and building a SUSTAINABLE WORLD!  

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Ground experience


Avail the benefits of doing apprenticeship or internship with the best companies at corporate offices or project sites and learn the ground realities. Duration 2 months or more.

Placement Assistance

Post the successful completion, of course, inclusive of 2 months of apprenticeship or research work you would be qualified to receive placement assistance from IICSR Group.

Research Paper/Thesis

Work on the topic of your choice and connect with the world leaders as Advisors for research work. Get your work published in journals and/or submit thesis work to the advisor.

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Flexi payment option available on a quarterly basis in the below-mentioned format:

Course Fee Rs. 1,80,000/- Rs. 90,000

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